Stress zone

Case Study

Case Study in Hong Kong



Nowaday students should face the stress in one mainly reason which examination. When students study in kindergarten, they would learn and learn tons of words and prepare the examination for primary school. When they study in primary school, they also need to fight for the chance from secondary school.

What will they do when they study in secondary school?

They are also need to study and learn and finish the DSE public examination then they can get in the good university and carb a nice job. It looks like good for our children because of the nice future. However, that is not. Because of the examination to make us think that if we lose in those, we will lose our future.

Thus, students will spend their free to study. Moreover, students don’t have enough entertainment time, and they can’t release the stress effectively. According to UNICEF HK, they suggest parents arrange at least one hour of free play a day to foster children’s healthy development. (UNICEF. 2013)

Advice to help


Working hours

In Hong Kong, their working hours are 44.3 to 48 hours per week.(Census and Statistics Department. 2015) These numbers are not include OT(over time). This is the mainly reasons to response why workers feel nervous or stress.

Stress from boss

Moreover, if their boss also need the employees to finish the jobs in a short time, their time are not enough to finish that they would take it back to home and finish all. Therefore, they have no time to relax themselves on physically or psychologically. In Japan also is facing this problem, it called "death from overwork".

On the other hand, workers is the most important characters in the society. They will face all the problem such as money (salary), family. lover, living place, food/water…etc.

Advice to help

We would like to arrange some social activities after work, such as some regular gathering. We would hold some gathering in some restaurant during the weekend. Or we may gathering to play some sports and leisure activity such as playing badminton and so on. We may promote some health education issue and knowledge in order to teach them about the health education. Through these activities, we can let them build a good communication bridge and build a good mental status. And raise the awareness of them about the health education issue so we can reach our aim.

Retired person

Their mind

As their character will be changed in the society, they will feel depressed. Some people will think “useless” by themselves. Moreover, their health problems will also pop up. Different chronic diseases will affect them. Also, they will start to face the death from their friends or themselves.

Advice to help

Provides some working chances They can reshape their social roles, such as participation in social activities, technical counseling, participate in social surveys to reduce the role of changes in contrast. Increase the value of self-existence, smoothly through retirement period does not apply. To read more books and newspapers, listening to the radio watch TV, to strengthen their ideological training. Fully aware of the illness and death of natural law, the correct treatment of post-retirement life occurs, optimistic of doing things, without departing from the now feast. (Elderly Health Service. 2015)


Video Zone

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program- suitable for retire person

Yoga Teaching-suitable for students and workers

Other Tips for release stress

Sleep problems

1.Make your bedroom a calm space

Make sure the light, temperature and sound level suits you. Cool, dark and quiet usually works. Turn off electrical screens, TVs, computers and phones all stimulate your brain, making it hard to relax.

2.Check for a physical cause

Pain, illness or other unknown physical problems can disturb your sleep.

Visit your GP to investigate potential causes and get help with treating them.

Try to do some exercise. This will improve your sleep, as long as it’s not late in the evening.